I love this summary of elevator etiquette in Japan! medium.com

Currently experimenting with Twist from Doist as a central dashboard for notifications, selected news feeds etc. Using Zapier but can’t wait for IFTTT integration. Enjoying it so far and links in nicely to ToDoist.

Wow @Outlier really know how to take my money… reddit.com

For day 6 (seasonal), autumn grasses! #mb.photochallenge

Liquid (my lunch) for #mb.photochallenge

Yup, this is on of the reasons I’m continuing to cut down on FB usage! Creepy indeed.

How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met daringfireball.net

Sanity-savers when commuting. My ‘close-up’ contribution to #mb.photochallenge.

On the move - the daily commute. Day 3 of the #mb.photochallenge.

Day 2 of the #mb.photochallenge: Tasty!

Squares…and some rectangles. #mb.photochallenge

Keen to get involved with this 7-day photo challenge for Micro.blog started by @DougLane.

Critical, post-Brexit, to have independent environmental protection: The UK needs a new independent body to protect the environment after Brexit (via @ConversationUK)

All large companies do it, the question (unfortunately) is one of fairness (Via @bleedsixcolors)

Apple’s tax haven ↦ www.nytimes.com sixcolors.com

Facing more train strikes here in London, I am reminded of this: Why do we still allow strikes to ruin our lives? – Good from @CapX & @andrew_lilico

Thanks to @manton for the WordPress import, have now moved my “snippets” and photos across to here leaving my blog for long-form postings. Onwards!

Remember remember…

Umm Dad, the sunshine keeps moving away!