Products & Services


In the fast moving World when corporate restructurings are always on the agenda or when a turnaround in performance is needed right now, clients can call upon our proven specialised skills. It might be to advise on the impact of an acquisition, it might be to provide the KPIs for a Working Capital turnaround. Timely, relevant and results oriented advice is what we provide to our clients.


A change in corporate structure, loss of a key employee or the short term need for specilised skills - we have addressed all of these needs. Functioning as part of the team, driven by pre-agreed targets, delivering valued results, often helping with the permanent staffing of the role. Our interim services come by recommendation, the right person for the assignment.

Reports & Opinions

Increasingly, informed and independent reports are required by acquirers, by shareholders or by executives who want an outside, independent view. We will bring our independence and expertise so that our clients are better able to make the right decisions.

Services to Pension Trusts

We undertake Employer Covenant Assessments so that the Trustees of Defined Benefit Pension Plans and their advisors can make well informed decisions with regard to deficit recovery periods, technical provisions and the need for additional security. This service, from an independent provider such as Aromgain, is required by The Pension Regulator. We can provide additional advice which may be required by Trustees if the Employing company is subject to a Type A event such as following an asset disposal, loss of senior management or change in ownership.

Employee Share Plans

When an employee share plan is being designed, amended or if difficulties have arisen with the administration, we can provide options and support for our clients to reduce costs, maintain the motivational benefits and work with trustees, banks and other parties. We can also carry out option valuations in order to agree the accounting treatment.

Working Capital

Working capital is a major investment for many companies yet does not always get the attention it deserves. With company valuations based on an earnings multiple, working capital is a bonus which can be realised in cash. Our track record includes significant value creation in this area. The range of services includes an initial assessment, determination of definitions and KPIs, target setting and motivation, interim management - or all of these things.

Closure of Deals

When a transaction is about to close, a merger or a demerger, it is common for companies to be unprepared to deal with all of the actions pre-closing. This may include meeting the requirements of a detailed list of conditions where the legal or treasury skills are not available in house. We can provide, at short notice, the skills to make things happen so that costly and time-critical transactions can close more smoothly.


Increasingly, companies require senior treasury skills for specific purposes but do not wish to employ those skills permanently. When a company is acquired and there is an immediate need for the design and implementation of policies that the board can approve, controls that manage risk and best practice that will deliver value quickly. We have a successful track record of delivering value during such periods of change.